Anne and Darrel

Anne and Darrel

It is hard to describe Catherine in a few words. Instead of using sugar coated words to describe her service, we would like to share a story how we fell in love with her and treasure the friendship we have built over the period of time we had her as our agent.

We met Catherine at an open house nearly 2 years ago. We liked how accessible she was and how fast she responded. We had experiences with many different real estate agents in the past and our expectations towards them were not very high. They were all kind and cheerful when things move forward but when the direction goes the other way, they suddenly became unreachable people.

With the support of Catherine, we went through so many properties over a year. She stayed delightful, informative and very professional. We could tell how much she enjoys her job, meeting people and sharing stories. She is down to earth, but sharp. She is funny, but tough when it comes to negotiations. She is very professional and extremely ethical.

The best thing of all is her honesty. We were the clients who wanted the best with a limited budget. Her honest opinions over our choices did not discourage us, but opened our eyes for different options. Her honest advice was our encouragement throughout our long journey to our dream home.

After another long day of looking at homes, she showed the pictures of the home which was not even on our list, not in the area we were looking at. She said casually that the home was on the market for a long time and meant for us. We laughed and joked about our unrealistic dream and taste. But we were wrong. We fell in love with the old home with 3 acres. The location was amazing and the surrounding was incredibly beautiful. A long negotiation started but we were happy throughout the process because it was the right home for us and Catherine was making all the arrangements and follow ups. Knowing she had many clients, it was amazing she made us feel like we were her only clients.

She is a truly professional real estate agent who deserves the best. We really appreciate we had Catherine as our agent.

Thanks again Catherine!!!

~ Ann and Darrel