“Not to worry!” Having sold a couple of homes before I sold my home in Auburn, CA last month, I was aware how crucial it is to have a competent real estate agent in my corner. I had a hunch Catherine Brown would fill that role.

Why? When I interviewed her she exuded unusual enthusiasm for her work, was knowledgeable about the area, had extensive business experience in other fields – but above all, I sensed her love of life and people and wanted her in my corner.

Hiring Catherine Brown was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in a long time.

Catherine followed through with every face of selling my home – she even managed to have me store some of my artwork because she felt it would be better for a potential buyer to “feel” the size my home rather than my artwork! How right she was.

And – Catherine was always on time. She made me feel that I was her only client; how she did that, I can’t say. When I got discouraged because we had too many lookers, no buyers, her response was: “Not to worry!” I didn’t and sold my home for the price I wanted.

Thank you, Catherine.
Josephin S., Auburn, CA